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Episdoe 7: Search Yo Self

Hello from sunny San Diego!  I'm here for Social Media Marketing World put on by Social Media Examiner.  Looking forward to supporting the team and resting a bit in my fancy hotel room. My big achievement:  Before we get started I wanted to share with you a big...

Jen Gardella, PhD

Are you building the plane as you are flying it? 

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Jen has built a very successful business despite the fact that the inner workings are a bit of a hot mess.  Walk through these episodes with Jen as she shares the details of taking her business from peanut butter and post-it notes to a well run machine. 

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Episode 5: Process…Process…Process

Our Three Big Topics:   Topic 1:  From post-it notes to organized When I speak, I have often been heard saying  “my business has been held together by post it notes and peanut butter.”  When I started my business (and actually until the last year) I had notes...

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