She Started a Business

Is a Mom

Has Boundless Courage

Had a Peaceful Divorce

Goes against the grain

Loves Public Speaking

Went to Fordham

Has Great Friends

Gets Help When She Needs It

Is a little nutty about Disney

Blends in with the Locals


She Escaped Domestic Violence

Can't Wait to Talk with You




Dr. Jennifer Gardella


Your Next Podcast Guest

Follow Jennifer as she takes to the streets and airwaves helping audiences of all sizes learn to listen for abuse.  

Jen’s Bio

Jennifer Gardella, PhD is the friend who always needs explaining.  Her expertise in digital marketing including blogging and social media is matched by her interesting stories your listeners will connect with instantaneously. 

Jennifer has a steel center core of integrity, boundless energy, and a series of interesting stories related to building her successful consultancy, obtaining a PhD at 45, divorcing peacefully and raising her three daughters as an only parent after her ex-husband passed away in 2017. 

Jennifer grew up in a devout Catholic Republic family in Central New Jersey.  She attended Fordham University where she majored in the fun of New York city and then earned a Masters and PhD in Educational Psychology and Statistics From Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. 

Jen’s Business Website

Jen’s Podcast

Jen’s Personal Blog

Jen’s Tedx

What should we talk about?

Digital Marketing


  • Blogging
  • Social Media
  • Editorial Calendars
  • Keyword Research


  • Starting a Business
  • Organizing a Business
  • Working for Yourself
  • Balancing Work and Life

Peaceful Divorce

  • The Importance
  • Impact of Fighting on Children
  • Nesting Children
  • Co-Parenting

Interesting Points

  • PhD at 45
  • Only Parenting
  • Step Parenting
  • Blended Family

Domestic Violence

Safety Planning
Rebuilding Life
Moving on

As Seen On… 



Let’s get on the phone

I love talking to podcast hosts, conference organizers and business owners for connection calls to see if there is a good fit for us to work together. 

I have included a link to my calendar so you can easily find a time that is convenient for your schedule. 

I look forward to learning all about your endeavor!