Welcome to Episode 30 of the podcast Hot Mess to Great Success!  Today’s sponsor:  Your Social Media Hour www.yoursocialmediahour.com    which provides you and your team with ALL of the information you need to build a blog as well as a strategic.

This podcast episode should come with a warning as I am DONE with accepting less than I deserve from others.

We discuss three important topics today:

  1. Who is sitting at your table?
  2. What do you do when you DON’T get what you want.
  3. How to STOP putting out garbage social media.

Strap in and get ready to get called out in the most loving of ways.

  1.  Who is sitting around your table?  Are you begging to sit there? Who are you inviting in? Are you begging people to come and sit around your table, and are you excluded from tables? It is time to get out of these ruts. I noticed something at the end of 2023: most people that I’ve been hanging out with are not unwilling to engage in true authentic communication. Now let me start off by saying that’s a really tough nut for many people to swallow.  If people are excluding you on purpose – well that is abuse.  You are better off alone then with them (no matter how hard that may be to accept and deal with).

2.  We bid on a house!  And were not accepted!  And I was TOTALLY invested in the house already (ughhhh).  I realized it was NOT the home for us (no matter how perfect I thought it was and was quickly able to yell, “Next! Where’s the next house? What is the next thing that we can look at?” Our realtor was right there with us. Now, we were up against New Year’s, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day, which is a little interesting, but I did take the time to go back onto the websites and look for more properties, and that gave me a little bit of hope and some more things to discuss with my husband and the realtor.

3.  The third thing we will talk about is to stop posting garbage on social media. I know that’s a very strong statement. I’m from Jersey, and I am just, again, coming out of the box with gloves off. The internet is noisy. You can barely find things on the internet. And for some reason, people have taken, I’ve seen this in the last six months, people have taken to social media to post how great they are.