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Episode 20: Book Review, Unique Brilliance, Good Things List

This one was "in the can" from the pre-covid days.  As I start to rebuild I'm going with the "use what you got done."  Enjoy and I'll see ya next week.  Book Review:  Unf*uck Your Business by Tomas Keenan If you need a good kick in the ass I highly recommend reading...

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Jen Gardella, PhD

Are you building the plane as you are flying it? 

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Jen has built a very successful business despite the fact that the inner workings are a bit of a hot mess.  Walk through these episodes with Jen as she shares the details of taking her business from peanut butter and post-it notes to a well run machine. 

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Episode 18:

Welcome to Episode 18!! 1.  When an idol disappoints you Have you ever followed an idol into a program only to realize that their success and fame has led them to follow their rules rather than help you out?  I recently enrolled in a lower end course with a woman who...

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