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Today’s Topics: 

  • He’s Such a Jerk!  Why Doesn’t She Just Leave Him?
  • Stop Using AI In Your Content.
  • Just GO FOR IT already!


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#1:  JUST GO FOR IT ALREADY!!   1:14

Last year The Gardella Group was certified by WBENC.  And honestly, it was a little hard to navigate.  WBENC is like an octopus with a national presence as well as locat chapters.  There is alot to learn and even more to take advantage of.  I needed to sign up and attend events but with a capability statement that I did not have nor did I know what that looked like.  Everyone kept talking about the National Conference happening in March and I was a little lost on where to start.  The team in my local office offered me a guide (they call them enjoys) and I received invaluable guidance from someone I considered to be a mentor, Barb Bosha:  Sign up and attend everything.  Listen to the episode to all of the things I have signed up for, been accepted to, and WON!

#2:  Stop Using AI for Your Marketing 5:50

Stop using AI as a crutch for your business. AI is a computer, not a human, and it is not authentic Share on X. We’re going down a rabbit hole by relying too heavily on it. Marketers tend to ruin everything, and now they are using AI against us. Have you ever been in a chatbot that actually helped you solve your problem? Probably not. AI, like ChatGPT, is only trained on data up to a certain point and lacks the capability for original thought and emotion.

#3:  Why Doesn’t She Just Leave Him?  11:21

As many of you know, I’m a survivor of vicious domestic violence. I wrote a book called “Whispers of Abuse” to share information and help others understand that abusers and victims are everywhere. You may know someone who is dating a jerk, and you might wonder, “Why doesn’t she just leave him?”  Last week, I had the opportunity to participate in a story slam in Philadelphia, where I shared my escape from abuse. When I was escaping, I didn’t know it was domestic violence. I had no place to go, no money, and I was embarrassed. The barriers to leaving are significant: lack of money, nowhere to live, fear, cultural issues, shame, and a trauma bond with the abuser. Victims often believe they can make the situation better because they are addicted to the abuser due to the trauma bond.

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