Today’s episode:
1.  Gratitude
2.  Easy ways to blog
3.  Shutting off the drama beacon

  1.  If you feel a little lack, maybe you need to show a little gratitude?  Money – love – friendships – whatever it is that is not abundant, perhaps you can start to give thanks for what you do have in that area. Hear how Jen gives thanks every single day…in her own way.  How she learned to say thank you to ex’s for all they brought to her life.  And how those feelings of gratitude can turn any situation into one of Arigato.

2.  Blogging the easy way – is there actually an easy way to blog.  Jen explains how an app can get you blogging on any topic if you take few minutes to get organized.  She has been using a voice recorder to blog for some time and with the help of is learning to perfect the process.  You outline a bit, record, have it transcribed, edit right in your blog and post!  The process takes practice but is worth every single second of it!
and uncovered

Topic #3:  When your drama beacon is on.  Jen explains how someone recently thought it was ok to intrude into her texts and unload a bit of drama in her direction.  Why people meddle remains a complete mystery!  Jen shares that years ago she worked with Michele Granberg and uncovered that she was turning on her drama beacon – attracting drama into her life.  Learn how this could happen and more importantly what Jen does to turn it off.

When others feel that they can intrude in your life…well it just might be a drama beacon problem.