Welcome to the first episode of Hot Mess To Great Success a podcast dedicated to helping you getting your business, career, and parts of your life into shape.  My goal is to inspire you through my own story.  I know you have parts of your professional world you want to spiff up.  I know you don’t want to shout about your disorganization from the rooftop.  You just want to hear that someone else is going through it all as well.

Each week I’ll review my own wins (and encourage you to think about yours, talk about three big topics that need to be considered, go over my goals for the following week, suggest a short mind shift adjustment, and then end things with a marketing tip (well, I am a marketing consultant after all). 

So, let’s get started:

Jen’s Wins for this week:

  1. My new website, www.JenniferGardella.com is up and done.
  2. This podcast has started
  3. My end of 2018 tracking and numbers are done.

TOPIC ONE:  What got me here – when you really want to get out of Hot Mess
On April 4, 2018 I presented a Tedx at my Alma Mater, Fordham University.  As my toes left that stage I thought to myself, my gosh, why doesn’t my bank account match this stature.  While I do agree that that not everyone who does a Tedx is financially loaded, it was the moment when I realized I was playing too small.  It was time to get organized and gets scaling.  A link to my Tedx is below.

TOPIC 2: My Get Ready Month
Over the summer I made the commitment to getting my business in shape which largely involved me stepping out of the way.

  • I dove into going from a Hot Mess to great Success with a vengeance
  • My Website is finally done despite significant complications with the individual I hired.
  • I studied Podcasting and learned each piece I needed to put in place to get it up and running.
  • Recorded webinars and hired a company to run my Facebook ads to start in early January.
  • Called my accountant – I would rather have a root canal – she was stunned to hear from me.  I hate dealing with money and this was a huge step.
  • Studied my Sandler training – even retooled my Infusionsoft to match the system.
  • The universe cleared some energy – now, this is not a woowoo podcast but I do believe in the power of the universe – and sometimes the power hits me on the head with a 2×4.  What was cleared for me has given me emotional space to move forward – rather than carrying the baggage of others I’m building my business.
  • I committed to the relentless pursuit of my goals.

Topic 3:  Dedicated to tracking:  During one of my last Sandler classes of 2018 we did an exercise to determine a Success Quotient which was a fascinating experience.  Turns out, I am excellent at planning and goal setting, but I am terrible and tracking and making minimum behaviors to meet goals.  That has got to change.

  • It clearly highlighted that tracking and discipline to minimum daily behaviors were two of my weakest areas.
  • What am I tracking now?   – Absolutely everything!
  • First:  The Chain where I am tracking the goals I am most dedicated to:  Sales and one personal goal – my weight – I’m getting in fighting shape.
  • Money – working very hard to set-up Quickbooks
  • Sales:  New prospects contacted & touches.  30 minute calls, proposals, new clients and my close rate.
  • Website visits – visitors and bounce rate.
  • Email subscribers
  • Social Media Counts for each account.
  • Content created:  blogs, guest blogs, newsletters, tips, videos, podcasts
  • Habits – exhaustive list of good personal habits:  meditation and exercise.

Here are a few things that you can think about from this week’s episode:

  1. You heard what got me to this point….have you had your defining moment?
  2. I explained some of my get ready month – is there anything that you want to put in place before you jump in?  Is it best to just jump in now?
  3. What are you going to track?  Relentless pursuit of goals through tracking

Jen’s Goals for the Upcoming week:

  • Sales:  20 new prospects and 150 touches
  • Write my book for 5 hours per day
  • Write Cover letter for bar associations
  • Marketing:  publish a blog post, video and slide share.
  • Complete all tracking on Friday

Mindset Adjustment:    Unflappable belief in myself.
Years ago, as I finished my PhD, my dear friend Marcus Padulchick instilled in me an unflappable belief in myself.  I invite you to start to shift your mindset that you are destined to succeed.

Marketing Tip of the week:
No matter what line of work you are in – you may work for a company or you may work for yourself – video can propel your career and business.