Welcome to the second week of Hot Mess to Great Success, a podcast dedicated to helping you get all or certain aspects of your life in order.  Remember, you don’t have to shout your disorganization from the rooftop or hire and expensive coach.  Jennifer walks you though her process of getting her business and life together and provides just enough encouragement for you to do the same.

  • This week:
    • Getting organized for success
    • Get the fighter back
    • Rebranding
  • Lessons I learned this week:
    • Checking off vs. doing:  What an insane week I had attempting to track my goals and get work done.  I was temporarily wrapped up in doing vs. being in the moment.  I think I was a bit overwhelmed. I was trying to be a slave to checking off.  I realized I’ll have to settle into my systems and possibly adjust.  Every single time I turned around something else popped up related to any accomplishment.  To survive, I took a step back and didn’t let this shut me down.  I stuck to the plan.
  • Did not account for the short week.  This shows me the importance of planning.  As an only mom there are many times during the week when I need to be present for my kids at an event.  This week is no excepting and I need to do a better job preparing for it.
    • Most importantly, I realized that getting behind creates stress.  So, I’m going to build time to get ahead to account for expected and also unexpected events.
  • Jen’s Wins for the Week (important to acknowledge your accomplishments!)
    • Did my MDBs for sales and self.
    • 5 hours of writing my book
    • Bar association cover letter is done
    • Blogging – Video – Slideshare
    • Ceo day for Friday was done
    • Spotify accepted my podcast

So here are my three big thoughts for the week:

Topic 1:  Set Yourself Up for Success

  • Use Google Drive – Google drive is cloud computing that is easy to access with your gmail account.   I love it because it allows me to work with clients and staff on documents that are live – we don’t have to save a document, send it in email, and send it back to someone.  It is super easy to access on computer, laptop and phone.
    • When I have to search for anything I get bogged down – so I heavily use my Google toolbar to save links to documents and folders.
  • Go!  Document – this is my document that starts out my day and has links to the Google drive documents, spreadsheets and folders I use most often.  Again, helps me to keep moving.
  • OneTab  – this is an extension for the Google Toolbar.  You can create sets of browser tabs you want to open as a group.  For instance, when I blog I want my editorial calendar, website, youtube, and SlideShare.  Rather than open each one (which requires me searching for them, I just go into OneTab and open them all at once.
    • When I want to work on Sales, OneTab can open my prospect file, Infusionsoft and KIT system in one click.

Topic 2:  Get the fighter back.  For quite some time I have taken rejection and moved on – not that I accepted it, but I would put any follow-up on the back burner.  One area has been my affiliate program – I wasn’t fighting for it.  I would apply and get rejected and then not question or reapply.  This week I contacted GoDaddy to inquire about my rejection – I didn’t freak out, I just asked and appealed.  And ya know what, I was accepted. What are some things that you have rolled over on?  Have they held you back?

Topic 3:  What is a true rebrand and how you should do it – Rebranding your business or endeavor is a huge undertaking that should be done every 2-3 years.  I had a very interesting email from a client on Jan 2nd – they had changed the name of the firm, taken on two partners, and wanted a new logo put in place for their rebrand.  I know the process well, as I am going through it on www.Jennifer Gardella.com.  Usually creating one thing, like a logo, creates an avalanche of change.  A rebrand can be done in one big swoop (and is usually very expensive and time consuming).  But a rebrand like this – change important parts and then adjust once some of it is in place will take time.  It is a great way to rebrand if you can stand the middle step which is tweaking.  The end result of a slow rebrand is you get exactly what you want.

Jen’s Goals for Upcoming week – What are Yours?

  1. Tweak my daily tracking systems – I’ll report back on what I come up with
  2. Book – 5 hours of writing!
  3. Complete marketing list
  4. Sales – Minimum Daily Behaviors – stick with them!
  5. Facebook ads set-up and ready to run.
  6. Start working on a one-sheet.  Last week I set a goal to write a cover letter – I’m interested in speaking at Bar Associations.  What am I going to send with it? I did some research, and I should send a one-sheet.

So, in addition to your goals, think about the following:

  1. What one step can you take to set yourself up for better organization
  2. How can you be the graceful fighter?
  3. Is there a piece of your busienss – or all of your busienss that needs a rebrand?  What is a good step to take?

Mindset Adjustment:  Take it easy on yourself

Marketing Tip of the week:  Write one blog and set-up a SlideShare Account.