Hello!  Welcome to Week 3 of the podcast Hot Mess to Great Success!  I’m Dr. Jennifer Gardell and I am THRILLED you have decided to take the plunge into goal planning with me.

LAST WEEK’s Topics:

  1. Setting Yourself up for success with tracking – what works and what doesn’t
  2. Getting the fighter back – lions do not need to roar but they need to stand up for themselves with grace.
  3. A true rebrand – all at once or take your time – no matter how you are doing it, it is great.  You will be hearing lots from me in the future on Marketing, social media, and branding in general.  

This Week:

  1. Create a Good Things List
  2. Focus on The One Thing
  3. Stop opening Pandora’s Box in your business!

Jen’s Lessons Learned:  This week I learned the importance of stepping back to move forward!  I have huge plans to manage and track my time for 2019 – and right out of the gate it was not working – at all.  The entire system was stressing me out.  I retooled my entire system and made it easier to follow.

Jen’s Wins for the Week:  

  1. I was hired to do an SEO training.  I LOVE these!  Many business owners are confused about how to really impact SEO and most are actually confused about what it is.  
  2. I had some activity within my sales system that was good to see since I have been putting time into it almost every day.  I’ve let the universe know I am open for business and it is now maneuvering to align me with that goal.  
  3. Had a great call with a hot prospect – they don’t think they need me right now.  Unfortunately I can not come out and tell them all the things they should be (or should no longer be) doing so I’ll slowly reel them in over time.  I am looking forward to extending my sales system,  
  4. My speaker one sheet has started – just wait for Pandora’s box below on that one.  
  5. I created a complete list of marketing activities which I will be sharing when it is ready for public consumption.  As I mention in the show, it includes daily social media, a detailed editorial calendar, regular blog/video/slideshare posting as well as a few other key pieces. 

Our three Big Topics for this week:  

Topic 1:  Good things list:  One of the most important parts of goals, tracking, building and going from hot mess to great success is a good things list.  You can create a paper page in a notebook or calendar, an electronic document (Word file or Google Doc), or use notes on your phone.  Keep track of good things that happen in your business.  For me, the primary purpose is to keep track of income generating successes – such as a new client.  I also track when other large goals are completed (website redone).  Lastly I track when good things happen – a friend calls with a big accomplishment or even a huge lesson I learned.  

Topic 2:  Focus on one thing:  Its not often that I recommend a book – The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan was a game changer for me.  I have had the quote “if you chase 2 rabbits you will lose them both” for quite some time written in my office and this book hit home on the many reasons why you should intently focus on one thing at a time for success.  The One Thing I did not want to drag with me into the new year was my website redesign – getting it done was going to require me climbing a mountain.  I focused on it intently – it was my one thing for a number of days and a full weekend – and I did get it redone.

Topic 3:  Pandora’s box:  When you start a project do you begin wtih a task and find yourself opening up a box of questions, problems, additional tasks?  I am a master at opening up Pandora’s box and wish I had a nickel for every time I said “I’m going to get X done only to realize I don’t have anything I need to complete the project right now.  This happened to me last week when I wanted to complete my speaker one sheet.  I forgot the planning step and instead sat down with a template.  What a nighmare.  First and foremost this is a task I should be delegating.  Secondly, I had not mapped out a plan – and I know better.  In fact, my goal is really to have a packet to send out to Bar Associations and conference organizers.  As you know last week I wrote my coverletter, but the packet is the overall goal.  I need to start with each part of the packet and back out what I want it to look like, what I need, and the steps to get each part done.

My Goals for Upcoming week:

  1. Get ahead on everything – we have staff taking vacations, I have a short trip next week,
  2. Work my new tracking system for minimum daily behaviors and goal tracking
  3. Contract out my speaker one sheet
  4. Get my FB ads set-up and ready to run from my end

What you can think about:  

  1. Where do you want to put your good things list and what can you put on it right now?
  2. What is the one thing you are committed to getting done right now?  For your year, quarter, month, week and day?
  3. What projects do you want to get done that could open up Pandora’s box?  Back out the steps before starting.

Mindset Adjustment:    I am open for business.  When you repeat this mantra you let the universe know you are open for business.  Put this out there and then let the universe move to make it happen.  

Marketing Tip of the week:  Map out four blog posts.  NOTHING is better than having an editorial calendar.  Mapping out an editorial calendar ensures that when you have time you are ready to write wtih a plan.  It also gives you a chance to look at the calendar and make sure you don’t miss an important date.