Boundaries, Style Sheets and Tools of your Business – OH MY!

Visiting “Dannielle with two N’s” this week – we are sick as dogs and her dogs are barking.  Great time to record a podcast!

Jen’s Lessons Learned:  

  1. Take advantage of the bump. Sometimes the universe sets you down a path where there is a bump in the road – great things can come from a bump.  This weekend as I was traveling to South Carolina I was offered a bump – from my flight – for a $1,000 voucher.  They were short a seat, I would arrive at my destination about 5 hours later than expected.  That voucher has enabled me to buy a very expensive flight to Charleston in April for a reunion with my college roommates – and I was also able to treat my roommate and pay for her flight as well.  She’s been unbelievably supportive of me in my life and I was thrilled I would do that for her.
  2. When you start to establish boundaries in your life you really upset a whole lot of people.For example, we have a problem in our home with people throwing in a load of laundry and taking a shower – leaving no hot water for the rest of us.  Since we are blended family I never wanted to overturn the apple cart – and yes, I dealt with cold showers.  As it turns out, when you call others out on their insensitivity, when you are no longer a doormat, they get upset at you – even if they have hot water.  Stand your ground – you are not a doormat.
  1. If things are going well, don’t get too ambitious. We had a tennis match this week and my partner and I were playing really well – so I decided to start poaching at the net.  I’ve had one lesson on this – what made me think I could do it was beyond me.  In the game of tennis success is the combination of luck and timing matched with some skill.


Jen’s Wins for the Week (and how did I do on my goals)  :  

  1. Everything for my Facebook ads is with the team
  2. My tracking system is rocking. I can’t say I’m getting it all done, but I’m not as overwhelmed. Now, I’m looking to get ahead.
  3. I didn’t get as ahead as I wanted to, but I’m here in South Carolina and I am not having an anxiety attack that work is not getting done.
  4. Sales – I’m staying on track in doing MDB’s but not meeting my daily goals – because my goals are bananas. I’m fine missing a goal right now – as you know, I had no idea it was going to take me some time to get into the groove of my new systems.  I like a big crazy goal – even if I miss it.  And, I have a new client which is very very exciting.

Our three Big Topics for this week:  

Topic 1:  Your Style Sheet
I have found that nothing has made my marketing projects easier than having a style sheet.You get a style sheet when a large marketing agency does a project for you – or, at least you should.
It includes, your logo, graphics and pictures, fonts, internet colors
This way, if you have to redo anything and you don’t want to use the same outfit, you have all the information you need.  Additionally, if you want another marketing piece, let’s say pens, you easily have the information at your fingertips.  You may want to do an Instagram post – and use Canva which we will be talking about in a few minutes, and you can easily find the right font or color if you know what you have already used.  You stay and look coordinated.

Topic 2:  The Right Tools
There are many tools that I use to run my business:
Google Drive
Hootsuite, Buffer, Later, and Planoly to schedule social media posts
Go Daddy
Webinar Ninja
Lass Pass
CRM – Infusionsoft.

In my google toolbar I have a folder called “Systems of my Business” and a link to each of these sits there so I can easily access them.  I also have all the login information  loaded into LastPass – makes it all very very easy.

Topic 3:  Boundaries – As I mentioned before I have been working on boundaries. 

Boundaries are a difficult topic for me to talk about because, in the past, I have been a doormat.  But let me back up a minute – I first noticed what a boundary was when I met a woman named Cari Gallagher – she is a teacher back in Lawrenceville – all three of my daughters had Mrs. Gallagher – you can read between my pushy parent lines on that one.

We first met Mrs Gallagher online on the first day of school as she picked up her class line.  She was tall, goergoeus, young (oh gosh she was so young) and while she was just about the sweetest person she had a wall in front of her – I would see the other parents hitting it.  It was her posture, her stance, the way she presented herself, and I think her command of her space – I could see other parents respecting it – I hadn’t seen it in another teacher.

Typically, when I try to put up a boundary, or that wall, like Mrs Gallagher I have come off as a bitch – probably because I don’t really know how to put them up.  So, I’ve adopted the “I refuse to light myself on fire to keep you warm” mentality- and a whole lot of people have been getting mad at me.  They liked doormat.

I would hire friends to do work and they would do a terrible job and charge me TONS of money.  I had a good friend – I was also her client – and suddenly she wanted to start offering social media training – when she talked with me about the project I mentioned a conflict of interest – that she had actually learned social media – she didn’t care.  I’m in a tennis league and would allow the other team to cheat – keeping my mouth shut losing points.  There are countless examples I have, and if this is hitting a chord with you, I am sure you have a laundry list of your own stories.

Well guess what, we are going to change it.  The trick will be to be gentle with those who have become accustomed to our doormat-ness.

The universe is definitely helping me out by highlighting those relationships I just mentioned and removing certain individuals.  I’ve been gently telling my people how I want to operate.  I’ve mentioned to my family that I need space an actualy discussed the quote “I’m not lighting myself on fire to keep you warm.

For me, I’m putting it out to the universe “I have boundaries that others respect.”  And, as well all know, when we ask the universe for what we want – when we are clear and authentic, well, the universe provides.

Mindset Adjustment:
I have boundaries that I have built with respect.  Remember, you are telling the universe what you want.  .

Marketing Tip of the week:
Besides the style sheet – I want you to look at your calendar and schedule a day in February that you are going to do something HUGE for the marketing of your business.  In late February a good friend and I are getting together at her home and we are shooting 12 videos each for our businesses.  Planning in advance will give you time to get ready.  In my case I don’t want to stare at the camera with nothing to say.  In her case she has to get really ready writing and memorizing scripts.

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