A special thank you to Jared over at Podcast Movement who ran a challenge that got me thinking and moving.  If you are a podcaster or just wondering if what the steps are I would highly recommend contacting him about the challenge.

Our three topics today are:

  1. When life gets in the way of your goals
  2. Reviews for your business
  3. Operating with Integrity

Topic #1:  When life gets in the way. It is time to “Jen-Proof my Life”  

  • I take full responsibility for where I sit in life – and for the state of my business, my finances, my household – I put myself there.
  • No victim! 
  • When the universe has thrown me curveballs, I have allowed them to impact everything – including my goals.
  • Happens during good things (surprise visit from my daughter) and some not-so-great things (when my ex-husband passed away).  w
  • Take the time to get ahead, automate and delegate.
  • Getting ahead on client work
  • Autopay bills
  • Delegate when tech issues come up!

 Topic #2:  Reviews for your business

  • Businesses can take reviews in many places:  Yelp, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and even on a website.
  • And if you work for a company you should be collecting recommendations on your LInkedIn page.
  • When a bad review hits, you freak out.
  • My solution:  Jump back in your Hot Tub Time Machine, and put the systems in place that I regularly recommend, so that you are gathering enough good reviews this way when a bad one pops up.
  • What I recommend is that you work hard so that no one review kills your scores.

Topic #3:  Operating with integrity