Today’s Topics:

1.  It has nothing to do with you
2.  Keeping up with Google’s Changes
3.  How EOS is changing my business

    As I have and will ALWAYS mention…the way others act has almost nothing to do with you.  It is as shocking as it is freeing to hear – and then finally accept – this nugget of wisdom.  I worked closely with The Possibility Coaches in Buckingham, PA who, through their brilliance finally got me to accept this fact.  When you feel left out, rejected, inappropriately treated, disrespected,…it has zippo do with you.  Someone may fail to obey the rules of your home, be kind, say thank you…and ya know what…it has zippo do with you.  They are operating with their own set of limiting beliefs. In your professional life – if you are working as hard as you can – and a client still calls to scream – it probably has nothing to do with you – for all you know their spouse just served them with divorce papers.

You can not fill in the cracks of someone else’s life – they have been programmed by forces that are greater than you in their life that include the idea that you may be insignificant.  Operate with integrity (remember there are no levels…there is just integrity) and unconditional love.  Make your boundaries known and clear to all.  This will transform your life.

2.  How do you Keep up with Google Changes.  If you are running a business, you know that SEO is important, but you’ve probably figured out that it’s really hard to keep up on the changes and maintain your Google ranking your SEO.  How do you keep up with all of the changes?  Follow the experts!  If you have questions or want to know whom to a call with me and we can get you on the right path.

3.  Update on how my own hot mess is coming along.  I AM MAKING PROGRESS!  I’m implementing EOS (thanks again to Amy Porterfield).  New clients are rolling in – not as a direct result of any one thing I am doing, but instead I believe it is because I am showing the universe I’m getting it together.  I’m in a position to be hiring new staff and have, for the first time, put out a job description with the values I operate with so it is clear from the start the type of people I will hire.  Big projects are moving along…in big ways.  Getting stuff done! My marketing is shaping up, I’m starting to look more coordinated, delegating so I do not get stuck,