Welcome to Episode 16 of the podcast Hot Mess to Great Success.

Today’s topics:

  1. Values of your company.
  2. Connecting offline.
  3. How to delegate

The Values of Your Company:
Are you not attracting the right types of clients and employees?  Get a Grip,  Scaling Up, Unf*ck Your Business – all the experts are talking about the values of your company and then infuse them into everything:  day-to-day operations, marketing,   Tomas Keen who is the author of Unf*ck Your Business does a brilliant job of how to do this with authentic examples.

Mentioned:  Sue Guiher:  https://www.thrivingentrepreneur.com/ – her program helped me clarify my three core values of integrity, uniqueness and courage.

The Values of The Gardella Group:  Integrity, Humbly competent, Reliable, Balanced, Authentic, and Unique.

Your number of connections and likes are just vanity metrics – they don’t make you ‘happy’ or give you peace…dollars or any sort of actual friendship.  How about send thank you notes, schedule calls, thank you gifts when someone supports your business in a big way.

Big concept from EOS – just start with a list somewhere – in your work journal maybe.  I keep a list in the front of the binder I use to organize the work of my day.  In his book, Tom Keenan makes the argument that tasks have assigned values to them and a CEO should be working on higher dollar tasks.