Welcome to Episode 18!!

1.  When an idol disappoints you
Have you ever followed an idol into a program only to realize that their success and fame has led them to follow their rules rather than help you out?  I recently enrolled in a lower end course with a woman who I had long admired.  I was disappointed with the content right from the start – repurposed videos from a conference she ran  – I’m usually ok with this but now when the conference references topics that are not discussed in the course.
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2.  Having an escape route.
I am a firm believer that when you want something in life you have to really go for it.  Having an escape route can block some of the universal energy you need.  Instead of a chicken exit put time into planning and moving your enterprise forward.  Learn here how I recently saw the possibility of a chicken exit and how it influenced me.

3.  What is PSI Seminars and what I learned.
If you look up PSI Seminars on the internet you might find some information claiming it is a cult – my experience was anything but that!  Listen up as I talk about the major concepts that I was introduced to for the first time in my life!  I attended the courses over 10 years ago yet still use my notebook constantly! Visit PSI Seminars by clicking here!