This one was “in the can” from the pre-covid days.  As I start to rebuild I’m going with the “use what you got done.”  Enjoy and I’ll see ya next week.

  1.  Book Review:  Unf*uck Your Business by Tomas Keenan If you need a good kick in the ass I highly recommend reading his book and listening to his podcast both, can be found on his website.  He’ll remind you about the importance of building your business based on core values, writing down goals, morning routines,

2.  Standing in Your Unique Brilliance:  Do you have a list of what you are really good at, your story, your unique brilliance?
I recently started a list of my stories and unique brilliance to start to infuse into my marketing.  You can see an example how I have used it by viewing this page here on my podcast website.   

3.  Good things list.  A place to celebrate your wins big and small.  Got a new client?  Booked a huge speaking engagement?  Sent your tax info to the accountant (put that one on the list twice!).  Whatever your wins are, make sure you keep a running total.  This is a great place to refer back to when you want to track your progress.