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In this podcast episode, Dr. Jennifer Gardella discusses three main topics:

  1. 12 Levers: She talks about the concept of the “12 levers,” which are habits or activities that can have a significant positive impact on one’s personal life or business. These levers are like daily habits that can be pulled to make a difference, such as meditation and blogging for business. She emphasizes the importance of finding the right habits that can create the greatest impact.
  2. Questions: Dr. Gardella shares an experience where someone asked her a question that made her feel like she was being judged or considered incapable. She advises listeners not to take such questions to heart and to focus on staying strong and centered in themselves, not letting others’ judgments affect them.
  3. Mean Girls: The third topic is about facing exclusion and judgment from a group of “Mean Girls.” Dr. Gardella shares her personal experience and how she dealt with it. She emphasizes the importance of staying aware, centered, and protective of oneself in such situations, choosing to protect one’s well-being and not engaging in negativity.

Overall, the podcast aims to provide personal insights and strategies for dealing with challenges in life and work, while also encouraging listeners to focus on personal growth and resilience.